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Created on 27 April 2006
Last Modified on 5 May 2006

I assume you already know how to open your Mini since there are many guides around about it.
If you are looking for details look at this VIDEO.
After opening the Mini, remove the black plastic assembly paying attention to:

- 4 black screws in the corners
- the black cable for the hard drive sensor
- the flat cable for the audio module
- the Airport antenna

Then remove the metal cylinder near the memory slots (with a torx or a small flat screwdriver).


Disconnect the power button cable close to the posterior panel...


...and the front led's one.


Now you can slowly unmount the motherboard from the case (takin' it from the front),
paying attention to the thermal pad over the southbridge on the opposite layer of the motherboard
(it keeps the southbridge within safe limits with passive cooling!).


Therefore you will have your small motherboard set "free" in order to work more comfortably on it.
I suggest working on a soft and flat surface (like a table with a towel over it).
Then turn it and gently remove the 4 locks of the heatsink (the core of the processor is fragile,
it isn't enclosed in a metal top like in the p4 or athlon64!!!).


Here it is! Your "slow" Core Duo is in front of you!


Much better, huh? ;-)))


Now it's in place of its little brother!!!
Make sure to not forget the temperature sensor under the heatsink (circled in yellow).
If you want, you can disconnect it from the motherboard BEFORE removing the heatsink completely.
You can also reset your bios (or "zapping" the pram for mac fanatics) with the small button circled in violet,
which you must press ONE time only.


The heatsink has to be cleaned carefully,
you have to remove the thermal paste applied by Apple since it isn't good anymore.
You should use acetone since alcohol isn't strong enough.


Nice! Apply some thermal paste on the core (like Artic Silver 5, the best!) and go backtrack to reassemble
your "turbo" MacMini!!!


Look at your poor 'n old Core's a T2300, not a Low Voltage version like someone stated on the net!!!
So your T2600 will need about the same amount of energy (and so heat) of the original cpu
since they have the same TDP: 31W!!!

Image11 Image12 Image13

Now i'm busy with another project on our beloved Mini!!!
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